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Journaling has always been a favorite job, task, memory keeper for me. If it isn't one of yours, maybe list making will work for you! List making is very succinct journaling! List everything you love!  Date each entry.  Watch your progress!  List what you don't like! Now write why you like these things and don't like those things. Do you see where this takes you? Unchartered Territory! But It's all yours!


Meditation is a matter of calming the brain. Transforming the brain from chaos to tranquil. The reptilian brain is usually in control, we need  to engage our cerebral brain, our slow brain. The reptilian brain can be downsized in our civilized day. Our early ancestors needed the reptilian brain to be safe and to stay alive.

Exercise is a necessary element to a happy - healthy life. 

Our body thrives on good circulation, blood and oxygen! These are necessary items to sustain a healthy body. We can add hydration and a good diet. What is your favorite way to get of your own way?

Do you love to bicycle? Garden? Golf? Run? Tennis? Dare we say Badminton? Making exercise a regular part of your life. Something you do every day, or something you do Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail. 

We have added the Lotus flower to our program! It signifies strength, resilience, growth, beauty and enlightenment!

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Try thinking more slowly, carefully. Try the list making method

of 'getting to know you'.


I'm reading Ozan Varol's 'Awaken Your Genius' 9/20/2023


He has spectacular information regarding journaling or 'free-writing'.

What happens when you free-write/journal....

"You are setting up your antenna... epiphanies buried in your subconscious will start popping up in random moments - like magic!"

Call us if you would like some help getting started with

journaling and/or list making. :)

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fig 3 Benefits of an organized mind 

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