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A Tree provides so many blessings to so many creatures....

How Does Mindfulness Make us More...... 

Mindfulness  is being aware of what the universe is communicating and/or delivering to you via your senses: vision, sound, taste, smell and touch. Do you stop once or twice a day and notice?

When you are at a stop light, pushing your cart down the grocery aisle, fixing dinner, welcoming your family home. How do these activities make you feel, some are easier or better than others aren't they? Many emotions make each moment unique. Are we tired? Are we excited about an upcoming event? Are we doing our favorite thing? Making dinner, folding clothes or holding the baby or reading a great book? Is it hugs and kisses time, everyone's coming home? It's good to take a minute and see what your favorites are.

Did your mind surprise you with something? That will happen.

Relax and see what small and big things make you smile.

That was a small trip of 'counting our blessings!' 

Mindfulness can make the days calm, refreshing and restorative!


Meditation is a matter of calming the brain. Transforming the brain from chaos to tranquil. There is more than one way to get this done. What works for one will not work for another. Do you need the quiet of your garden or an awesome view to put you into calm? What about your breathe? Concentrating on the inhale for a count of four or more and then holding for a bit and exhaling slowly. Pay attention to  how your diaphragm fills, starting at the bottom, the belly then the upper belly and lower chest cavity. Hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale. Can you feel the huge difference rushing from one thing to another and worrying about the ten other things on your list? Stay in this moment. The quiet moment. 

Exercise is therapeutic. Walking creates a rhythm. Running does the same thing but it's a much different rhythm! Tennis is a fantastic game for the  energy folks! But again, exercise clears the mind.

We are focused on the low to high range repetition, the soothing repetition that chaos fades into the background. Our heart gets a good workout. Start small - work hard - come back slowly to your regular rhythm. 

Journaling is a fantastic way to explore your world and your inner soul. Journaling is Cathartic.  You will be surprised with what comes out of the pen in your hand! Words, just words, but powerful, and amazing! Try to make journaling a habit, something you fit in everyday with morning coffee or evening prayers.

We have added the Lotus flower to our program! It signifies strength, resilience, growth, beauty and enlightenment!

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Try thinking more slowly, carefully. Try the list making method

of 'getting to know you'.


I'm reading Ozan Varol's 'Awaken Your Genius' 9/20/2023


He has spectacular information regarding journaling or 'free-writing'.

What happens when you free-write/journal....

"You are setting up your antenna... epiphanies buried in your subconscious will start popping up in random moments - like magic!"

Call us if you would like some help getting started with

journaling and/or list making. :)

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fig 3 Benefits of an organized mind 

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