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We Provide Mindfulness Lectures and Workshops for Small & Large Groups


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List Making - Journaling

Journaling has always been a favorite job, task, memory keeper for me. If it isn't one of yours, be happy with list making! List making is very succinct journaling! List everything you love! Date each entry.  Watch your progress!

List what you don't like!

Now write why  you love these things and don't like those things.

Do you see where this takes you?

Unchartered Territory! But It is all yours!

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Exercise - Yoga - Etc

Exercise does so many things for  so many parts of your body, your heart, your lungs, your muscles and your brain to name a few of the big ones.      It may be not feel as constructive as writing a term paper, taking care of the baby or painting the house, but  we are in  a much better state of mind when we keep physically active. We are  more motivated, our disposition tends to be on the bright side and we sleep better at night!

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Meditation needs to be practiced.

Meditation is a matter of calming the brain. Transforming the brain from chaos to tranquil. The reptilian brain is usually in control, we need  to engage our cerebral brain, our slow brain. The reptilian brain can be downsized in our civilized day. Our early ancestors needed the reptilian brain to be safe and to stay alive.

Mission Statement Creation!

Here are easy instructions. Work with pen and paper, spiral binders are wonderful!

Share your Mission Statement with us! Tell us how you enjoyed the process!

What would you do differently?

Welcome to Love Laugh & Learn!


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fig 1 cluttered mind - organized mind


"Being aware of what is happening around you. What information The Universe sends to us via our five senses, this without any judgement as to good or bad. Remaining Neutral." 

Being aware of what our senses are receiving reduces the noise, the clutter in our brain. Mindfulness is creating and maintaining a calm brain. 

This usually signifies having our goals outlined. Our priorities understood.

We have decided what is important to each of us personally and our family.

These may change over time, from a single adult, to a married person, to a family. It may change when we change locations, when we change our career. 

It may be we have read great literature and want to make some adjustments. There is a ton of great stuff out there. Here are some of my favorites...


  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

  • Positive Intelligence  - Shirzad Chamine

  • The Road Less Traveled - Scott Peck

  • Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

  • You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero 

It may be you have become acquainted with someone you greatly admire and want to 'be like him'. It always pays to be informed. The world is full of known and unknown treasures.

no friendship is an accident.jpg

Try thinking more slowly, carefully. Try the list making method

of 'getting to know you'.


I'm reading Ozan Varol's 'Awaken Your Genius' 9/20/2023


He has spectacular information regarding journaling or 'free-writing'.

What happens when you free-write/journal....

"You are setting up your antenna... epiphanies buried in your subconscious will start popping up in random moments - like magic!"

Call us if you would like some help getting started with

journaling and/or list making. :)

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fig 3 Benefits of an organized mind 
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