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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Love is the foundation of the human family.
Love makes a huge difference for:
  • singles
  • family
  • neighbors
  • workmates
Reviewing this list we realize how love comes in all different shapes and sizes.
what is appropriate in one type relationship is not appropriate in another. 
Boundaries become very important. 
Boundary: A limit set by accepted social standards.
This is not really the place to expound on this meticulously.
Might we say it's okay for lovers to kiss ardently but not for casual friends.
The same can be said for hand-holding.
Acceptable and some situations and not in others.
However, if one were to substitute the word kindness,
we begin to see how universal kindness becomes.
You might not believe it, but there are a myriad
of ways to feel better, be better, be happy. 

Nothing lasts forever and nothing is constant.

Life is full of ups and downs,

turn-arounds and falling on our ass or our face!

Look for ways to be kind. Smile!

Do you want to /need to know who you are and/or where you are going and How to Get There?

That's what Love Laugh & Learn provides for you.

Well actually help you do the work. We help you get there!

 Would you like to share some of your favorite acts of kindness?

                                                  We  would love to hear from you! Kindness in the subject line...


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