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'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.' Chinese proverb

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Below is a sampling! Enjoy & Thank you.


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when things don't go quite right.....

 if at all!  (updated March 4, 2024)


You might want to take a deep breathe before you let out a few expletives. An awful lot can happen in the mind when no one is looking. 


Do you want to respond or react? It does take a moment or a minute to gather your thoughts and your emotions. Now is when you want to take another deep breathe and examine what is happening. How can you bring out the best from this situation?  

Maybe hear what each person has to say. Listen to each point of view. Is it possible to come up with alternative solutions? Maybe we can go to the mall tonight and the movie tomorrow night. Maybe the movie is too violent; we can talk about it tonight over ice cream. Can we find other options?

Who is making dinner tonight or was to tidy the front porch? How is each project coming along? Do you need any assistance? Let me see how I might help....

I find that stepping back, creating a distance between myself and the objectional event allows space and time for alternative solutions. Life is wonderful most days and when it's not, I resort to coffee, chocolate and journaling

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