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"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." Lin Pernille

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Negative Thinking - Why?

 Negative Thinking – How to Change!


I was going to give you a list of techniques of how to change or how to improve this supposed handicap. But on that note, I think its smart to begin with why.


Why is the human family, every last one of us, so prone to negativity?


It’s because of the lizard brain. The reptilian brain. It's always asking the question, ‘what can go wrong?’ This is how we survived when we depended on nothing but our own brain and brawn .


Realizing this big piece of information, of truth, of reality will do a lot for correcting or moderating this ‘chip on our shoulder’ or the on-going angel -devil conflict in our brain.


The Neocortex includes the higher functions of our sensory perceptions, cognition, spatial reasoning and language. The limbic part of our brain is what supports our emotions, behavior and long-term memory. The reptilian part of the brain is the oldest. It includes the brain stem, the cerebellum and hypothalamus. These brain functions take care of our basic life functions: hunger, breathing and flight or fight.

Everything that goes through our brain goes through the reptilian brain first. And is judged to be a good thing or a bad thing. Now it could be our favorite ice cream! Oh that's wonderful! What about if we are on a diet? What if we already enjoyed one serving? What if you are lactose intolerant? When we get our thinking brain involved we can get the bigger picture. We can decide tomorrow night is soon enough. Or next week is even better! That we will watch our favorite movie, or work on the puzzle a little bit instead.


It's a good idea to pause. Ask why? Is this good for me? and What are my options? 

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