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"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." Lin Pernille

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when things don't go quite right.....

 if at all!  (updated July 9, 2023)


It still seems likes when things don't go as planned nothing takes the smile off my face so fast. Maybe you have the fake one 'plastered' on pretty good. You can always tell mine is fake, it's like the red lips we used to wear at Halloween. 


So, I'm not an expert. Or maybe I am. The most  popular coping method is 'Go Shopping!'. Get the biggest cart they have, those small ones are just silly, and slowly review each aisle, both sides for anything and everything that delights you. And just add it to your basket. Your Cart. Your Dream Builder. Your Mood Restorer. 

My second number one coping technique is wine and chocolate. Any color any flavor. Is very good. Of course if you have a preference, by all means, go right ahead. You don't even have to have seconds or thirds - just knowing it's there is a life-line. life -jacket.

My third one is not quite a coping technique - it's rather an avoidance technique as (I suspect number one and number two are as well.) Take a nap! Warm blanket, soft pillow and your favorite cat/dog or both, are just perfect.

That's the only reason we have this high contrast of 'good' and 'bad'. the BAD things are always fattening and the GOOD things are always next to impossible if not impossible. Anything in-between is just boring so why be there? hard work is not even that difficult is it? I'm always up for scrubbing a floor or giving the dog a bath or making dinner yet another night with many more to follow. Why is there no reward - other self inflicted chocolate and wine? Oh... do you have a choir of angels harping, "Good for You! You are Wonderful!" ? 

Have you got that mantra down pat  in your own noggin and you believe it? Can you let me know how you do that? Three hundred and sixty-five days, exact same days for sixty, seventy, maybe eighty years. I'd better be figuring out how to do a better job. All replies welcome.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: i meditate, i journal, i blog, i visit with family & friends, nothing  will work until I can get the jumble in order with strict guide lines and enforced repercussions. until then it's coffee, wine and chocolate.

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