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                                  Life is not easy! It never will be. It’s not supposed to be.

The very cycle of life includes the joy of new babies and the sadness of losing a loved one. Laughter helps us fill the huge gaps between these two opposites. In fact, laughter is the flower that is usually present in either extreme. Have you ever gone to the dreaded funeral or wake? There everyone is chatting it up and having a relatively ‘good time’. The deceased is comfortable, very comfortable. Many are now calling these affairs ‘Celebrations of Life!’ and with good reason.


“Some people develop frown lines. Others have smile lines. Funeral directors develop clearly

defined WTF “— Caleb Wilde


Have you thought about that? ‘Life goes on no matter what?’ The universe has been here forever and will continue to be here forever. There is nothing or nobody that says otherwise. Do you see then how laughter is the buffer? Well, I have to say that loving and learning are buffers as well. But sometimes, things just don’t make sense. Sometimes we need to resort to laughter, something beyond reason and good sense. Maybe we need to resort to laughter more often! At least smiling! Share the joy!


“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.” Charlie Chaplin

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