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"You Do Everything Too Fast!"

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

This was a not so welcome piece of advice (You Do Everything Too Fast!) from dear ole Mom a hundred or so years ago. I'm happy or not so happy to say It's God's Truth. One example of doing things fast:

When something grabs my eye, no matter the cost, if its below twenty-five dollars, I'm in the checkout line! This has been a relatively good thing. I don't mind returning ANYTHING, if I change my mind.

I'm a huge writer, journaler. I'm only alive when I have a pen in hand. Or wine. So I came across this Gratitude Journal #Grateful -LivingInGratitudeToday, at no doubt, my favorite store, Home Goods.

Author Michele Vismaya Rubin

A little aside story, I always go into any store and get a cart! I don't care if I'm going in for cinnamon.

Too many times I am going in for milk and end up juggling eight things or more in my arms! Take a cart! Who cares how many laugh at me for having a bottle of cinnamon in my shopping cart! How many times have you gone in and left with just one thing?!?!

So, I have this beautiful, new Gratitude Journal, which of course I believe is going to bring me forever happiness because isn't that what gratitude does? I had time, TIME - this weekend to open the journal and get started with this perceived workbook . After a two-minute review, (This is the hurry up Lynda - Let's get things done! mode) I realized that all three-hundred and sixty-five pages are exactly the same! With these cutesy WINS: as a header:

W: Who or what made a difference for me?

I: What did I do for myself or someone else?

N: Did I do or learn something new?

S: What made me smile or laugh till my sides hurt?

At the bottom of each page is the Action Step of the Day: Do something you loved to do when you were younger - Pay for a stranger's coffee - Support a friend in Need, etc.

You are encouraged to list your gratitude's for the day. What else do you think I have been doing for a hundred years?

Upon closer inspection..... I realize that there is an abundance of information.... In FACT.... Incredible stories that are so inspirational they take your breath away. And even more they pick you up off the floor and put a smile on your face and hope in your heart. Fifty-two wonderful chapters that will make you say, "I can do that!" or "OMG! That is so true!" or "I just love this book!" or "Someone cares. Someone understands" Which boils down to, "I am not alone! I am not a weirdo, unusual, crazy or sick!"

What this fabulous book, written by Michele Vimaya Rubin, demonstrates is that life is joyful. Life is wonderful. We do tend to focus on the negative. (Reptilian Brain doing its best-job-ever.) We need to learn new gratitude habits. Noticing the fresh air, the aromatic soup simmering, the soft puppy belly, a kiss from our sweetheart. I'm sure you can add a few of your own.... Gratitude Journals are a fabulous way to practice the positive. Appreciate the positive, Highlight the positive. Participate in the "OMG! Life is Wonderful! Thank You God! - Gratitude Prayers. All the very best to you always. May 3, 2022


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