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What Have You Learned Today? #7

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Love Laugh & Learn

There are infinite ways to learn. Just keeping your eyes open, being observant is an excellent way to see brand new things or even old things in a new way. The way we look, not the way we LOOK but the way we see, then becomes vital. Do we gloss through life? Breeze through every event without noticing the details? When I'm in a crowd of any size, what I do first is split the audience into male - female ratio's.

This morning I was one of eleven and I was the only woman. Yes! Breakfast at Best Western. A great breakfast. Nothing pre-manufactured! Fresh scrambled eggs and delicious bacon! And anything you want in the way of a carbohydrate. English Muffin to the more delicious High Fat Muffin.

I came down on the elevator with one of these twelve dudes. He had a tote bag with him. Very casually dressed, sweatpants and a T-shirt. The tote-bag looked heavy, and had a round cylindric something inside. Hmmmmm? The breakfast room was full of similarly clad men with similar accompany tote bags.

Ha Ah! I said, they must be divers. We are less than a mile from the ocean, is that putting two and two together or what? I kept my ears open as always, they do well together your eyes and ears, try it. Someone new eventually asked what are you guys up to? And the answer....................? They are diving for a look-up-close of a long ago ship wreck. How exciting is that!

What I found even more interesting was the conversation between the men. Teeny Tiny Tables that barely seat two, four if your only having coffee. There were sharing with each other where and when they served! Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Like women sharing were they grocery shop, Publix or Winn Dixie!

Yes, it was a beautiful breakfast. A room full of cheerful men, going out to explore something new. Sharing an adventure together! Certainly being involved with the universe, the deep blue sea.

Knowing your craft well enough to be comfortable, with a little tiny tank of air on your back.

Ready for an adventure in a sea that is moody and powerful! What wonderful things have you seen today? Be grateful and always be kind.

xoxo Lynda

Love Laugh & Learn


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