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Vision Boarding + Journaling?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Collage Journal by Lynda Louden - Love Laugh & Learn

Journaling has long been recommended as an excellent tool for good personal health and emotional intelligence! Journaling helps us see where we are and where we want to go! Journaling is cathartic and all of sudden we realize why we are cranky, sad, or glad!

  1. We are in a good position to understand ourselves, set goals, make a plan and track our progress.

  2. We can manage, dilute, understand our stress, anxiety and frustration. I scream with my pen! Very effective!

  3. You are never alone when you have someone so intelligent as yourself to talk to.

I have journaled since I was a young girl. In fact, I love to write. I love words! I love to read!

Vision Board Beginnings: A few years ago, a good friend of mine asked me what I was doing for my New Years' vision board and I replied with "What is a vision board!?! She explained how you cut out pictures that appeal to you, capture your spirit, your idea of la-la land, a wonderful dream or a great adventure! Include a few wonderful quotes! Next you glue-stick these pictures on cardboard or poster-board and put it somewhere you can see daily. Now you have a daily visual reminder of your dreams! The more we can get our brain involved, our feelings involved, our heart involved - the closer we are to realizing them!

The Combination! I inadvertently started my first Vision Binder 2018. The 3 inch binder with plastic jackets for front and back covers makes for an excellent thematic start and its easy to change your mind! (See my "Be A Warrior" binder cover)All you need to start your Binder is lined paper for writing and cardstock for vision boarding or collage work! Glue sticks or scotch tape! Oh yeah! And the all important pen!

How To: Collect a file folder- (upsize to a shoebox if necessary) full of pictures and articles that delight you and frustrate you. Now you are ready to start! I spend a lot of time on my cover picture. Maybe your spirit animal or your dream for the year? Do you have a time when you like to journal, meditate, plan your day or week in advance? Plan your menu? Add this or substitute this when you can! REMEMBER TO DATE EACH ENTRY! Alternate card stock with lined paper. Keep extra of both in your binder so you can arrange it, fuss with it as you like. All the best to you! Let us know how you like it! xoxo Lynda


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