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Merry Xmas! I'm already out of my mind....I don't know how you do the Holiday Season. I'm sure it'

December 9th! We have our tree and two wreaths on the front door. We each have our Christmas cards, still in original boxes. Jim tends to be more traditional and me more fun. The Friends & Family Address List has been updated! I'm feeling a bit rushed, but it all might be in my frantic mind!

I have been wanting for a few days to schedule all of these Christmas Festivities in my Calender - that way they won't get lost. As soon as I finish this missive, that's were I'll be...

  1. Send a note to family for current kid/adult sizes

  2. Think about any special needs

  3. We have kinda reduced our personal gift exchange to one or two big (relatively) things we have had our heart set on.

  4. I do think I tend to worry, but you see when I write it down, it doesn't seem like too much, does it?

  5. What can go wrong? My girlfriend gave me a Schogetten Gold Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. There is nothing wrong with this picture is there.... Chocolate fixes everything and then there is wine.....

  6. What's worrying me is my PROJECT... I want to put my Mindfulness - How To exchange brain chaos to serenity - that is what Mindfulness is all about.

  7. It makes good sense to have it ready for the New Year doesn't it? Well there you have it.

  8. I have 27 more days. I do have the rough outline. I do have the three circulums. Beginner - Advanced & Expert. Those are not the titles but you get the idea.....

  9. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but wanting it to be perfect and worrying about the end results leads to an endless circle.

  10. So I am going to just put it out there! We can only improve on an existing project/product!

Stay tuned. As always my thanks to my millions of readers! Merry Holiday Festivities!

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