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Loving Yourself - Is That Healthy?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

We have been taught forever that we need to put others first! Others needs ahead of our own.

Now we realize that this puts us in a very poor position to help others.

We need to take care of ourselves first, so we can take care of others happily for always.

We need to appreciate who we are, why are we this way? What makes us tick? What makes us happy?

What makes us furious? Once you know what makes you furious - you are less likely to go off like an atom bomb. Learn why that something makes you furious will give so much understanding. You will be thunderstruck. Try it!

Loving yourself doesn't mean that you eat chocolate all day and stay up all night watching your favorite movies. Loving yourself doesn't mean that you always come first. But it does mean that you have the stamina and the good sense to take good care of yourself - so that you have energy, wisdom, and love to share with family, friends and strangers.

Eating well, developing good self-care habits, an exercise routine, being intellectually curious and always learning are a few things that are involved which give us the necessary good mental, physical and emotional health, so that we are nourished, we are primed, in a great place to serve our family, friends and community.

Review where you are and who you are on a regular basis. Are you where you want to be? Is there anything 'out of sorts'? Make notes in that journal of yours! Celebrate - I had a fantastic week, month year! What would I like to do more of, less of?

Do you need a mentor, a teacher, a group of like-minded women for encouragement? Be honest with yourself. There is always a solution. Learn something new. Try something new. Practice! Become an expert! Look at each of the seven quadrants of a healthy person and see where you are thriving and where there needs to be some adjustment. This might be interesting to do as a couple or as a family unit! Listen carefully to each other's thoughts. Share your honest thoughts and feelings. Find new things to explore, learn and share!

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