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Change is Possible! Even Wonderful! #2

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Love Laugh & Learn

Keep Practicing! Then you will see the results! Amazing!

Lesson one we discussed knowing who we are, and even why we are that way. (Happy, sad, moody, angry, disappointed, wonderful, stuck, content.) Try writing down what YOU feel, HOW you feel. That part of the equations is called, 'becoming aware'. Knowing our best parts and the not so good parts. We suggested journaling to keep a record and for the cathartic advantage of writing and reviewing.

1. So now you have an excellent beginning! You know who you are! Or you have made an excellent start on this fabulous journey of mindfulness! Did you bump into some things that you wish you hadn't? I'll give you some of my bumps and hiccups so you know that this is very natural, acceptable, expected. We all have a lizard brain that wants us to stay in bed, do nothing, be safe, be totally happy despite our waistline or our circumstance.

Lesson 3 will be an introduction to the Lizard Brain!

2. Some of the things that I am working on or maybe we should start with who I am. I am a perfectionist. I tend do things in a hurry, but at the same time I do other things and make huge projects out of them. So you have, we have a list of things we would like to improve or eradicate! HOW DO WE GET THIS DONE?

3. Research. Learn. Implement. Our resources are unlimited. Google - YouTube - Library - Experts

4. Its very important to take baby steps. One breath at a time. One minute. One hour. This morning. This afternoon. Take regular breaks. Celebrate your progress! For me then, I concentrate on one thing at a time. Or better than that I start the evening before and make a list of three things that I want to accomplish the following day. Big or small, it doesn't matter. For instance, I am going to call one of my sisters or I am going to work in my garden. (Do you see how I am modifying 'the perfectionist' who wants everything to be perfect? Just three things each day. I can't beat myself up or feel guilty with these three victories!)

5. Making baby steps, numbered steps, gives us something to count, to recognize, to achieve successfully! Anything after the three 'assignments' will be gravy! Or ice cream or chocolate!

We all have a home and a family and a career. There is plenty of other stuff that needs to be done.

Now we have worked on ourselves. We are learning to keep the reptilian brain in its place and we are learning about the power of our cerebral, heart and gut brains! All the best to you! Breathe. Deeply. Repeat. Inhale with "I can do this" exhale with "I am wonderful" or vice versa whatever makes the most sense to you.

Remember next week: #3 What is the reptilian brain? Good, Bad or Ugly? November 15, 2021


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