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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It is a wee bit early, but I like to put together a 'collage-binder'! I'm looking forward to several ZOOM gatherings where newbies and seasoned vision board creators can come together and see how everyone puts their stuff together.

I was unusually stuck at reallizing my word of this year. I knew the mood I wanted, the spirit of the word but I couldn't nail it down. Enthusiasm. A word that promotes hope, joy and excitement. A little bit aside but you will see the connection, when you are putting together a vision board - you need to be on the look-out for pictures and quotes that will support, excite, and compel you to look for magic and to realize your dreams. Keep these inspirational pictures and quotes in a file or a shoebox or a manilla envelope!

That's what I decided to do this afternoon, start putting together my Collage Binder and then Blog!

As I was reviewing my already collected pictures - I came across the word Abundance..... I love it!

But I did want a verb, something to infer action. And the word popped in there lickety split! Shared. Shared Abundance! Isn't that so beautiful?

Think about what you are working toward now and for the next six months. Is there a word or combination of words that is fun, exciting and motivating for you that would encourage you to seriously devote your energies to develop that one specific goal, word, verb? Patience, Poise, Kindness. For more ideas check out our proverbial treasure chest, the internet - Google. Here is one great webpage:

This word and the changes will affect your business life, your personal life, your career and relationships, etc. You can be specific and work on your career or your personal life. Or you can take that word or phrase and see how it works in multiple environments.

This article from AARP gives great reasons why a 'word of the year' is so much better than 'new year resolutions! https:/ A source that is a less focused with age is .

Why do I love the Word of the Year and Why do I combine it with my Vision Board and my Collage Binder?

1. One special word is so easy to carry around with you. There is no 'I didn't get it done today!" There is no RESOLUTION that is not being met. I believe resolution is too big a project and that's why they often don't work. You need a project schedule and accountability built into the project!

2. One year 'Marvelous' was my word. And I could and did look at how much marvelous stuff was in my life!

3. Another year loving-kindness was my word. And I enjoyed that so much I have made kindness a backdrop or foundation for how and who I am always.

4. I love to read, and I love to learn and that's why I created my collage/journal. I collect fantastic stuff from everywhere and keep it one place. Of course, I keep a ton of stuff on my computer, but things that always need attention or are so important or take 'a couple of years to get' - I like a binder where I can section these important subjects and add and review.

5. Please join us for our 'Word of the Year & Collage Journaling' ZOOM October 22! at 2:00 p.m.

email us with "Word of the Year!" in the subject line....


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