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Have You Ever Had An Epiphany?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Well, I just looked up this word, one of my favorite words, mind you, to learn that it has religious overtones. Should I get a smaller or larger dictionary?

So I looked in my mid-size dictionary and 'My" definition of epiphany was the third definition!

"A moment of sudden intuitive understanding; flash of insight."

I call them OMG! moments. So I guess there is the religious connotation.

I had dream a few nights ago, that was of an epiphanous nature. I just made up that word.

Yummy Yummy Yummy. I dreamt about my career! As an organizer - as a coach! How to create a place for everything and how to put everything in its place! How to make decisions and how to follow through. "Practice" is such an important part of life that is not quite appreciated. We think of practice being related to a certain skill set or artistic endeavor. We need to practice like we are four year-old's being reminded by the formidable parents to say thank you to everybody who is a minute older than we are.

Of course, brilliance doesn't happen in isolation. There are many, many ahead of me-us, even on the same path of organization and 'love where you are' coaching. So why I mention this group of similar like-minded genius' is that I read about a coach/organizer who starts with asking her clients, "Why do you want to clean-up, organize and declutter?

For someone who is already fairly organized, I appreciate this value as a matter of course. But asking this question allows for personalization, more detail. Of course, there are the usual replies:

1.I don't have time - I'm too busy

2. It's not my job.

3. I'm not the only one living here!

4. It's not important

But now let's add more perspective with a different set of questions - My new WOW!

  1. Did anyone ever demonstrate the value of tidy to you?

  2. Is this what you are used to?

  3. Are you perhaps rebelling against a strict upbring?

Getting some background, some understanding is better than attaching a simple label to a problem or situation. We want to encourage, coax, enable others to adopt better, healthier habits. Of course we want to be role models for our children. Often times life is so impossible, we feel we can't manage!

We may have to approach this 'mess' from a different vantage point. Maybe they know nothing else. Maybe they don't have time. Maybe they don't have 'a place for everything.' Maybe they are a new parent - and it is overwhelming!

Approaching this matter with more compassion will go much further to coax, pursuade someone to learn the value of clean and tidy. All the best to everyone. ;)


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