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Giving Thanks for the Little Things and the Big Things

How often do you give thanks for the little things? Your breathe, the blue sky, fresh water, friends - including your animals. So many 'things' are the norm. Does that make them less precious?

I don't believe so. My Westie, Maggie, somehow between me working in our gardens and my husband between the house and garage, has been outside navigating our cul-de-sac, I don't know, maybe for twenty minutes! Of course, she's having the time of her life! I go out in a panic or rather my lovely neighbor has stopped her car to ask Miss Maggie, "Are you okay?" OMG! I call out to her Maggie! and SHE RUNS THE OTHER WAY!

This never happens. But she has all of a sudden become totally independent and doesn't 'need 'Mommie’s restrictions. She sits firmly on the edge of the boundary between our house and the neighbors - the far boundary! I'm in a real bind here. I need to get her leash - I don't know about you, but that leash is like magic - she becomes 'part' of me with the leash attached and she LOVES it! Now having independence for fifteen minutes - she has no need of me or the leash. I don't know whether to approach her again or go back for the leash! I decide I must stay. I approach Miss Maggie and she doesn’t bolt! I put this recalcitrant mutt on my shoulder (which she also LOVES!) The Gods are with me..... I go back to thank my sweet neighbor and her husband who had stopped 'to rescue' this fuzzy white rascal now sitting on my shoulder. 'Oh,' she says, 'we stopped because we know she (Maggie) is not an 'outdoor' dog.' Now who are we thankful for? After we get done kicking ourselves for not keeping a better eye/leash/door on our beloved - but independent Westie! I have to say we are thankful for our thoughtful neighbors. Making friends with your neighbors has many wonderful, beautiful, life-saving benefits! Maggie sits with me now as I tell you this story, totally unaware or concerned about the fright she gave Mommie & Daddy!

Giving thanks regularly for our tiny and huge blessings keeps them forefront where they are

not likely to get lost in the heyday of day-day living. I do this with my beautiful home, my

gorgeous view, our wonderful families, fantastic friends and these dependent but independent rascals! xoxo Lynda


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