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Five Ways to Save Your Sanity When Life Gets Impossible

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

If there isn’t enough to worry about under our own roof, the world has gone crazy!

Of course, we don’t have to pay any mind to the news and their delight in keeping us stressed out. But that doesn’t mean we are oblivious to higher food and gasoline prices. We might have family that is out of work and can’t find a good job. Perhaps a loved one is sick. And you are too far from them. There is a ton to stress over. But we don’t want to hide under a tent (or the blankets). We do want to ‘handle this craziness’. We do want to be our best. We do want to help those we love.

Here are some small adjustments that might help:

I’m a huge goal maker and it can be depressing when I can’t seem to get there. I want to be a published book author and I’m still at home making dinner for the family! Ruminating on this only makes the case more desperate. Worry is like adding fire to the stove when the pot is already boiling.

Our situation isn’t unique. Realizing that the entire world is part of this anxiety, every- one of us, is worried about Covid 19 and the future of our beautiful planet. This helps to put things in perspective. Knowing we are not alone. It’s like learning that your best girl/boyfriend has ‘very bad days’ and needs wine therapy just like you!

1. What about adjusting our goals? What do we expect from ourselves? We may very well need time to build our own resilience, inner strength and not work toward burn-out.

Remember that big goals, long-range goals may not be so practical in this critical time. Make small ones your ‘big ones’. Congratulate yourself with a clean house and dinner on the table. The cars are in good running order. And the roof doesn’t leak. Not today anyway.

Bigger concerns like wellness and livelihood we have to accept as a matter of course. Life is never easy. Look for your options, make a list of possible solutions. Do your best each day without beating yourself up. Catastrophes do happen. There is not much we can do if a tornado is coming our way other than to take shelter and have water and canned food available.

2. Spend time appreciating all the good that you do have every day. Being aware of these details and congratulating yourself is vital – rather than running on to the next project. No wonder we get burn out!

3. Spend time with friends and family. Everyone is a phone call away! Don’t worry if it’s been a long time since you last spoke…. ask after their well-being – prepare a list of what’s happened in your life – reminisce on old favorite happenings. No friends – no family? Joining your local church community may help. There are usually three to four per community, so you have options!

4. Have you ever volunteered? What an amazing gift this is! I have always volunteered and met the most fabulous people. Check out Think about thrift shops, they need volunteers for light easy work, and they need someone to handle maintenance concerns.

5. Have compassion for yourself - remember that life is tough. Tell the critics in your head to be quiet as often as you need to! Remind yourself that you are wonderful and are doing your best. Wonderful! The smallest things, like good manners, make a huge difference. Smiles and Thank You’s have always worked like a charm.


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