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Five Ways to Know Who You Are

Obviously, we know who we are! You know what you like and what you don't like. You know who you like and who you don't like. You know what your passions are. And you know which subjects you have absolutely no interest in. Do you know how you would spend "Your Best Day Ever!" Do you know why you like some people and not others? Do you know your strengths and your weaknesses? Do you know where you want to be in five years, ten years, twenty years?

And who we are is not a fixed, one-time always affair. You could be a schoolteacher for twenty years. And then be something else. You could love red meat and later become a vegetarian.

Is knowing who we are important? Why is knowing who we are important?

1. Knowing who we are means we appreciate our good points and understand which ones are not so strong. From this firm foundation, it's easy to go anywhere you want. What goals you can set.

Well, I guess within reason. If you are afraid of heights - you don't want to climb high mountains. If you don't like bugs, you won't be in the woods hiking to a famous destination without some bug repellent. You will know which projects are within easy reach and those that will be extremely difficult. I hope you also know that you can learn almost anything and that you can always ask for help and enlightenment.

2. Knowing who you are means you trust yourself. Confidence. Self-Confidence. You can review your options and make intelligent decisions accordingly. Your efforts are likely to be successful as you are operating from a position of knowledge.

3. Why are you here? That's a big question that never goes away until satisfactorily answered. Are you here to be a teacher, a healer, a sage, a creator, a motivator? It might be more specific, a schoolteacher, a doctor, therapist, a health expert, a nutritionist. I think this question, although very important can sometimes be overly emphasized. I believe that our daily interactions - tiny - medium and huge are dramatically affective and productive. These small acts of kindness may not have anything to do with our 'mission'. We all have a family and/or a neighborhood, a workplace where we interact with others and this daily interaction has a profound effect on the human family's well-being.

4. Asking for feedback from friends and/or family is a bit scary - but usually it's going to confirm what you know or add a wonderful unknown! I think asking someone else's opinion is smart. There are times when we are hesitant to admit to ourselves how stubborn we are or perhaps how we must have the last word. It also means we are secure enough with who we are that we can take this 'risk' of learning something new about ourselves.

5. Maybe you would like to spend some time with this. Think about it. Journal about this subject. See what comes up. Any surprises? Are you happy with yourself? Or not? I guess that's the worst-case scenario and why there is some hesitancy. You might not like what you find. But change means growth and growth means health! All the best to you.

Do you you need help starting a journal, asking questions, finding answers? We are happy to help!


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