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Don't You Love Those Personality Tests?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

I believe most of us believe these are hooey! What I love about them is that they are a good way to determine who you are. You don't need anyone to tell you who you are? That's like saying everyday is a good day. That there is a princess in the mirror every morning. Self-examination is a priority. It may not always be fun - but building a house is not playing jacks' either.

What kind of character do you have? What are your strong points? What are your soft points?

Taking these are fast and easy! Try one the next time!

After you take about ten of them you know who you are. As a human family we are very creative and are always dishing up something new and smart!

Based on 34 Personality Themes - Discover Your Top 5 Strengths

You Can Become Your Best Self - Take The Enneagram Test Now

Do you see how they reframe the same basic questions so that the end result is just a little bit different? Maybe Exciting! Maybe Surprising! Maybe something totally unexpected!

Learning who you are doesn't mean that we find out which peg we fit into. Or that it is as simple as, Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Being a human is a big job, it's complicated. It's a little bit scary or a lot scary each day. At work, At home, At play. What are your dreams? What are you afraid of? Looking at ourselves sideways and/or upside down can be quite revealing. It can be affirmative. It could be disappointing. It could put us on a different route.

I enjoyed Carey Davidson's "The Five Archetypes" very much. It was the typical personality reveal, BUT she also gives you the best of your personality type. There was nothing negative. It's kinda like the fortune cookie - mostly true - but always fun! I'm an extrovert. That doesn't mean being an introvert is bad. Just Different. I guess that's the point I am getting to. We are all wonderful. Yes we are different. We love different things. We can do certain things better than others and vice versa. That doesn't make us Less Than - because someone can do a Lutz or a Loop! We can't do Ice Hockey either! Oh shit!

Love who you are. Know who you are. Appreciate yourself! Congratulate Yourself, Celebrate Yourself!

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