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Are You Making A Difference? #6

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Love Laugh & Learn

I was out walking this beautiful January morning. My outfit included blue jeans and my favorite pink (fushsia) sweater. My sneaker laces match the pink sweater! Does it get any better? The Florida winters are so beautiful! The sky is a crisp bright blue, the air is cool - you do need a warm fuzzy sweater. I'm pounding away on my brisk morning walk saying hi, good morning, Happy New Year! to the few I pass, well I don't mean pass - they are going one way and I'm going the other way. I have a brisk walk but a short stride. I don't catch up to any serious walkers. Strollers, yes. Being outside is such a blessing no matter your speed.

There I am, enjoying the morning and a woman stops me and introduces herself! "I'm Patricia and I see you most every morning, I thought I should introduce myself!" Isn't that incredible? What a blessing!

I introduce myself and ask after her well-being. "Oh, I'm fine. Thank you.' I just lost my Roxy, my dog, but I'm okay.' Oh I'm so sorry I reply clasping my hands to my heart - (anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows this heartbreak. ) 'Oh, it's ok,' she replies, which of course I know it's not. But imagine this woman's fortitude! Out walking and talking to strangers - making the world a sweeter, more beautiful place. There are so many things out of our control. There are so many things inside our control.

Of course, we all respond differently to life's upheavals. Each disaster is unique as well. It doesn't seem to get any easier or any more bearable. Not that death is a disaster. But loosing someone you love is a tremendous loss. The person with the loss has to console themselves, the pain and heartbreak of loosing a loved one is unbearable. The only thing that works is time. Time only softens the pain, there will always be a bruise, a tender spot. That is the power, the beauty of love. Those we love never go anywhere once they are in our heart. Love makes a difference.

You are one of seven billion. Each one a unique, beautiful individual. We all enjoy the sunshine and the moonlight. Have you ever pointed out the moon in a blue sky to a friend or stranger? It is completely amazing every time. How could it be ho-hum? Do you realize the power of all planets spinning - this is what keeps them in a stable orbit. In the vacuum of space, spinning objects maintain their momentum and direction — their spin, because no external forces have been applied to stop them. And so, our world — and the rest of the planets in our solar system — keep spinning. Staying balanced despite the frenetic spinning!


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