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Are you going crazy? Is it all too much?

I don't know how you do the Holiday Season. I'm sure it's a personal affair for all of us. Traditions that we grew up with. New traditions that we have created ourselves.

I do a little bit at a time. I have all my boxes labeled. So, if I want to put out my small snaowman in the currio one day, my darling husband puts those boxes out for me. I put the existing curio stuff in the same box the Christmas Decor was in! That's it. A small piece whenever I have the time and energy. I enjoy the process ever so much! I said to Jim, "You can bring the tree in when ever you want!" We always buy our tree the Thanksgiving Weekend. Jim keeps the water level high and keeps adding the magical 'Prolong' which assists green pine needles into January.

This morning I put all the holiday boxes that have not been unpacked yet somewhere where I can't see them. Ahhh....That feels better. My Small Snowmen are on display, smiling away! Wreaths on the front door. Even decorated the mailbox this year, first time! Holy Cow!

We don't have to 'be perfect' or 'get everything right'. Our best is very good. Our best for that moment is very good. Who are we trying to impress? Stop this ridiculous battle with yourself!

Accept you! Congratulate you! Goal setting is good. One small step at a time. Enjoy the moment. Remember to celebrate/congratulate when you reach that goal!

The busy mind is always whirring around - looking for trouble. Cultivating mindfulness is a good way to create distance between the noise, acknowledge the silly business of negativity. Acknowledge your own fabulous personality and your strengths.

Our mind is like those Christmas Ornaments all in a jumble. But we can organize them. Put them in their place. Decide what's important. Decide when it's time for a nap. Map out three things you need to get done for the day. Success! Celebrate!

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