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Anxiety - Getting Ahead of Yourself

Mindfulness reduces anxiety . Mindfulness creates a state of calm. But neither is mindfulness avoidance of difficult problems.

Mindfulness teaches you to take one breath at a time. A very deep breath sometimes. Thinking about the breathing process, inhale - exhale in itself rhythimic and therefore calming. Stay with it for a minute......

Yikes! You may have to do something right away! Run - Scream - Call for Help - Get a towel to cover the scary boo-boo. For the injured, get a blanket, raise their head.

We panic because we think we are not ready, We panic because we are scared. We might panic because it is genetically attached to us.

First Day of School
Child's Anxiety

Worry is the for-runner of anxiety. Worry is in your head. It becomes anxiety when we are displaying physical symptoms. Like the child above; the scared look and hanging on tight to her mother. The child isn't old enough to fix this situation. The mother can wait for the teacher or have met her in advance. Everyone is doing their best just now - we all get nervous and jittery over big time - first time events. Worry doesn't have to jump to the anxiety phase. We might slow down, review the situation, reasssure ourselves or ask for help.

First, remember your breathe. Are you still inhaling - exhaling? Good. Very Good. Are you in the moment? Aware of the moment? The details? What can you do to help or change the situation? Be observant. What is wrong? Who is the bad guy? Is it bad weather or choppy seas? Driving on ice or in a torrential rain storm? It's five o'clock and dinner is not ready, it's not even started!

If you tend to have a bad time with worry and anxiety, you might want to practice some mindfulness. Start with slow deep breaths. Then acknowledge the anxiety. Remember this creates a space between you and the emotion. Third, repeat a favorite or helpful mantra like, "I can do this!" "Everything is okay." "I am loved." or "Nothing lasts forever." If you are mindful already you can pay attention to your senses - what are they all telling you? This is a distracting, busy technique. The repetition is rhythmic and calms the frantic, nervous mind.

Thinking carefully and good preperation are critical in most areas of life. There are so many of us and we are all different. But we live together, shop together, play and work together. Appreciating the differences gives us some distance - an objectivity that helps to not take everything or anything personally. Let's take anyone. Someone you barely know or someone you know very well. They didn't acknowledge you - they haven't called for a week or two! What is wrong! What did you do wrong? Are they okay? Everyone has a phone. Can you call or text them? Hi! How are you? I miss you.

Do you see what got in the way? Fear got in the middle. Maybe "I am not responsible." Practically the same thing. Avoidance. Rather if we realize our differences, our busy schedules, the 'panic' that is somehow everywhere these days, should be reduced. Have compassion for others and ourselves.

We are responsible to do our best each day. This goes up and down each day because everyday is so different. We never know what the next moment will bring. Unless we are always home safe and secluded. If we are interacting with others, we will need to be careful, thoughtful and kind.

Plan ahead. Check the weather. Bring a flashlight. Remember your phone. Remember, you can do this! - It will always be better the next time.

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