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#8 What is your Word for the Year? 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Do you pick a word for the year? I do the whole thing! I have an animal totem. I make a vision board. That's only three things. What do you do? Resolutions? Goals? Dream Fulfillment?

My word for 2022 is THANKFUL. What about you? Have you ever tried this type of stuff? Maybe you have if you found my Love Laugh & Learn Blog!

I remind myself of this word daily, at difficult moments, when reviewing the past day.

So many things are outside of our/my control and the word thankful reminds me of the these individual and tiny delights. So many things are teeny tiny but very important. The smile of a stranger. Someone

holding the door for you. The friendly cashier & bagger at the grocery. The moon glowing every night just for me!

Aarp has a wonderful article about this wonderful 'practice'. (click below) Vision Boarding is very popular but not too popular. It's not quite as popular as McDonald's.

Take some time to think about where you are now and where you want to be. Journal. Make a list.

Do you want to be smarter, friendlier, more efficient, do you want to be more loving, kind, helpful?

Maybe you want a new job? Maybe enthusiasm and/or persistence might be good words. Is there a bad habit you would like to trounce? Maybe justsayno or whatelsecanido? Of course be creative, be silly, be serious.

Your entire life will circle around or come back to your word. Remind yourself of your special word. It has become your mantra for 2022. Breathe with that word. I breathe in with one word and exhale with another word. One of my favorites is inhale love and exhale loveable. Thankful and Always work well together.

Make your vision board with your word of the year as theme. I would include it, but not make it about the one word. Of course, do what feels right for you. Here is my Vision Board 2022 - It's only been two years now, but I learned, eventually to date them. When you get more than three in your closet, you can't remember which year you did which vision board.

I have also created a new work station other than my office desk! I am using the desk in the living room for my collage journal work and that is where I keep my Vision Board as a desk mat!

My vision board is about so many things, and I can be thankful for each of them. Do you see the horse and rider and the man surfing? These are to remind me of trying new things - risk taking!

I hope you put your 'word for the year,' this little/big thing in your coping toolbox or whatever you are calling your stabilizing resource. All the very best to you in the New Year!


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