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Why Mindfulness?

Life is a Roller Coaster or Decidely Hum Drum

are you bored or are you going crazy?

  Would you like to talk with someone?

Love Laugh & Learn is ready to help.

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How long has it been this way?

Up and Down days are Normal.

A week of bad days is not a good thing.


The Element by Ken Robinson


The Five Archtypes by Cary Davison


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert




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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle


“Don’t be confused between what people say you are and who

  you know you are.” Oprah


“Knowing yourself is life’s eternal homework.” Felicia Day


“To grow yourself, start by knowing yourself”

Mountain Ridge
                                     Why Journal?
  • Identify your problems. Journaling is cathartic.

  • Making lists is good place to start for beginners, for instance: Finding a Job or a Relationship....put headers at the top: Good  -  How -  Why - Who - Where...(Whatever is applicable to your situaiton.)

  • Enhances the ability to focus on a topic longer

  • Raises your self-confidence

  • Strengthens your self-control

  • Makes you more mindful

  • Helps you focus on goals and achieve them

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