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Mindfulness - Love Laugh & Learn

Having our head on straight is quite an accomplishment!  Sometimes we get stuck or frantic. We don't know who we are. Who we want to be. Where are we going? This is why I grabbed hold of Mindfulness! It's being aware - being in the moment., therefore, worrying about the past or anxiety about the future are minimized. The practice of bringing your mind back to calm, to reflectiveness helps us be more in touch with ourselves, the universe and the plight of the human family. 

All About Me

I  am a NJ girl! We fell in love with Florida about ten years ago and here we are! We are a family of three! My husband, Jim and our baby, Maggie, a West Highland White Terrier!


I fell in love with mindfulness  because there is so much chaos, we need to offset that with a clear mind. Mindfulness teaches you how to minimize the racket in your head. It shrinks the reptilian brain and encourages the cerebral brain, the thinking brain.  How to be aware of the basics and what we can contribute to the  well-being of the human family, starting with ourselves.

Love comes first because we have to love who we are - many times that means we have to learn who we are. Then we  can contribute to the happiness of our loved ones.

Learning, I believe, is essential to being 'with it', focused and able to  move forward. 

Laugh is in the middle because we need to keep our hearts light, despite the difficulties. 

Life is complicated - but we don't have to be. Be Mindful. Love Laugh & Learn!

Learning is an ongoing event.  There is no end to the universe and there is no end to life's adventures. 





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